Order cancellations or changes, damaged packages

Can I cancel or modify an order?

If you realize that you have ordered by mistake (for example the wrong product) you can request cancellation as soon as possible. Our logistics service takes care of preparing and shipping the goods as quickly as possible, so if too much time passes it may be late to cancel the order. 

It is also possible to modify the data of an order (for example if you realize that a data such as your name or address is incorrect).

In both cases, contact us urgently via the chat service at the bottom right of the site Solvy.Store, or if not active via the page contacts. We will let you know if it was possible or if it is too late.

What happens in case of cancellation?

If the cancellation was possible prior to submission, you will get your refund - in some cases instantly upon confirmation (for example if you paid via PayPal or other expedited systems). It is not possible to replace the product - in this case, if you want another product, you must cancel the first order - as long as you do it within the tight deadlines mentioned above, i.e. before the product has been shipped - and redo a new order. In any case, we are available for any clarifications.

What happens if the goods arrive damaged?

The goods leave the warehouse in absolutely intact conditions. If it is damaged in the course of transport or delivery, you must take clear photographs of each part of the package and of the damaged goods, as well as of the accompanying document, so that all data can be clearly seen. 

In this case it is possible to ask for a refund. If you have ordered multiple products and only one is damaged, the refund will only be valid for that. 



Registration and access to Solvy.Store

Is it necessary to create an account to buy?

Absolutely not. The account allows you to keep track of purchases, recently visited products and the Wish List in which you can place your favorite products - and you can also share it with friends on social networks. 

How do i create an account?

With your email address, or by logging in with your Google or Facebook credentials. Accounts can be linked automatically if they use the same email address. To disconnect the account created via Facebook and / or Google, you can do it directly from the respective platforms, or here on Solvy.Store on your page account.

Does creating an account involve receiving a Newsletter?

No, to receive the Newsletter it is necessary to register separately. By registering you can receive, no more than once a month, a communication with the latest news, the best offers and a timed discount code. To confirm your subscription you need to click on the link received via email. Obviously it is possible to unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time with a single click on the link at the bottom of the email received.

I'm having trouble accessing the site

If you have problems logging in to the site Solvy Store with your credentials it may be necessary to delete the cookies from your browser. 

Furthermore, it is possible that it is not possible to access when visiting the site in a language other than Italian (simply accessible at www.solvystore. Com)

We therefore recommend that you log in from the Italian version and then, if necessary, change the language later.





Safe and fast transport - Fast and safe delivery

Which couriers do you use?

We use the most reliable, fast and convenient couriers, automatically chosen according to the destination country of the ordered goods.

How can I save on shipping?

To minimize shipping costs, we recommend purchasing multiple products together rather than separately. The goods will be shipped in a single solution, benefiting from a reduced unit shipping cost.

Where is it possible to receive the goods?

Delivery in the European Union 

Online ShoppingThe ordered goods are shipped from the European Union and can be delivered to all European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Hungary as well as Andorra, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, San Marino). In none of these countries is the imposition of import duties envisaged, by virtue of the free market in force in the European Economic Area.

Delivery to non-EU countries

At the moment, outside the European Union, shipments are foreseen only in the following countries: Canada, Morocco, Qatar, United Kingdom, Russian Federation (Russia) and United States of America (USA) - in such cases orders are foreseen only by private individuals and there are thresholds or product categories below which there are no duties. In some non-EU countries some imports are not allowed and, at the time of purchase, duties may be imposed during customs clearance (they vary according to the product category: for some products there are no duties). Solvy Store is not responsible for any extra costs related to the imposition of duties during importation, therefore we advise customers to check the regulations relating to their country. 

Are shipments possible to addresses other than the billing addresses?

Sure! When ordering the goods, it is possible to choose a different destination from that of the user (for example if it is a gift or you want to receive your package at a temporary address). Obviously the address must always be within the countries where we ship, displayed in the drop-down menu.

I enter an address but read "Delivery to headquarters". What does it mean?

Attention: if you enter an address and the system does not indicate any shipment (e.g. collection at the headquarters) it means that we cannot deliver to the desired destination, so we invite you to decline the purchase, or choose a different delivery address . It is important to clearly indicate all the data including the post code which is decisive for the automatic selection of the courier.

Delivery and shipping costs:

  • The total cost is determined according to the destination and is displayed in the shopping cart before payment.

Information on calculating the delivery date:

  • The goods are shipped from our warehouses in the European Union ensuring rapid delivery - many eCommerce, in fact, ship from other continents (especially Asia) and this involves deliveries after several weeks of waiting. None of this in our case.
  • Delivery generally takes about 2-6 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays). 
  • In case of Paypal and Credit Card payment: the period begins on the first day after the conclusion of the purchase contract and ends on the expiry of the last day of the term indicated. If the last day of the deadline falls on a Sunday or on a public holiday recognized by the state at the place of delivery, delivery will take place the following day (Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays).
  • If the order consists of several individual packages, partial deliveries may occur on consecutive days within the delivery period in individual cases. This can happen for organizational reasons of the shipping service provider.

It is possible that the shipment of the goods will take place on the day the order is placed.

If the ordered goods are made up of several individual boxes, the shipping service provider can deliver on different days. This is due to logistical reasons and is not our responsibility. The goods could be delivered the same day the order is placed:

  • If the payment is received before 12:00 (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays)
  • If you choose an instant payment method (PayPal, Credit Card)
  • All amounts are inclusive of VAT therefore no surprises or extra costs. For countries outside the European Union, by virtue of the amount or product category or weight, import duties may be applied by customs.

Delivery methods and times

How does the delivery of my order work?

Delivery takes place via the best courier depending on the destination (cheapest and most reliable courier). We do not accept telephone agreements relating to a delivery date of shipment. Are there any questions? Please contact us exclusively via
info @ solvystore.com (without spaces)

How long does shipping take?

The delivery time is generally 2-6 business days, depending on the destination and other logistical circumstances.

If the delivery of one of your packages is delayed, please contact ours directly customer care via email or live chat on this site.

Change of delivery address

You can change the delivery address in the customer data. Please note that we only ship to the delivery address that has been sent to us through the respective purchase process. Subsequent change requests in the form of messages by e-mail or via notices / messages can unfortunately not be taken into account, as the goods are immediately prepared for shipment after receipt of payment.

Which transport company sends the goods?

Your goods are shipped by the courier deemed faster and more reliable depending on the destination established during the order.

Am I not at home when the delivery takes place?

The following options exist if you are not available at the time of delivery. The courier makes two delivery attempts, on consecutive working days. The package will then be available for collection at the indicated depot for at least 7 days. In case of non-collection, the courier will send the goods back to us.

My package could not be delivered

We apologize if the package has not been delivered. If the delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the courier always provides a reason in his delivery report. If the reason given is, for example, "incorrect address", we ask you to check the correctness of the delivery address that has been sent to us. Contact our customer service department. We will be happy to confirm the correct information and, in the event of returning the goods, we will immediately process a new shipment.

What should I do in case of damage in transit?

If you receive your goods with damage caused in transit and it is not possible to refuse acceptance, take a photo of the damage. Email us at [email protected] and attach all photos that can clearly indicate the damage (outer package, damaged contents). Also attach a photo of each attached document in which all the data present can be clearly read. Either way, please add your customer ID or invoice number to your email so we can attach your photos to the correct purchase. We will then proceed immediately to handle the problem.

Packing stations

We do not ship to packing stations

Collect goods by the customer

It is not possible for the buyer to collect the goods personally.



Price and Payments


Safe Payments - Safe Payments

How do you pay?

You pay exclusively online. You can choose to pay via PayPal, Credit Cards Master Card, VISA, American Express, Maestro, Google Pay Sofort and other available circuits depending on the country from which you are connected (for example Bancontact in Belgium, giropay in Germany, etc.) . The Buy Now option of Google Pay, when available on your browser, is the fastest.

PayPal - You can pay via PayPal in our online shop. After selecting PayPal as your payment method, you will be redirected to PayPal. There you can authenticate with your PayPal username and password. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can quickly create one. In the event of a return, the amount will be credited back to your PayPal account.

Credit or Debit Cards - You can pay comfortably and securely with your credit card in our online shop. We accept the following credit cards: VISA and MasterCard. Select the card in question during the purchase process and enter the required data in the fields provided. In the event of a negative risk assessment result, this payment method will not be displayed. Credit card details are encrypted using SSL. You can check the encryption from the "https" in the address bar of your browser on the payment pages. This means that your credit card purchases with us are extremely safe. In case of return, the corresponding amount will be credited to the debited credit card. My payment has not been registered Your payment is automatically registered. Occasionally it may happen that a payment cannot be recorded, for example if the expected reason is incorrect or incomplete. If you have not received a payment confirmation, please check your documents for a possible cancellation of the payment. If a chargeback does not appear, please contact our customer service directly. Important: In this case, please provide us with your payment details directly so that we can check them, in case of bank payment, please provide your bank details and payment date, in case of PayPal payment, please provide the relevant transaction code. We will then review your request immediately.

Furthermore, depending on the destination countries, you will see the available circuits displayed (eg Sofort, GiroPay for Germany, Bancontact for Belgium, iDeal for the Netherlands, etc.)

Apple Pay or Google Wallet - You can pay via Apple Pay and Google Wallet, for the browsers in which it has been authorized (these are payment systems connected to your real or virtual card). All payments are encrypted for maximum security. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies - You can also pay through the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin (a stable coin linked to the dollar) through the secure gateway provided by Coinbase, without any extra transaction fees.

Warning: we are not required to know all the details of your payment instrument nor will we ever ask for your credit card details, or your password in any way (telephone, chat, email or other), so if this happens, do not provide any data, it is not us.

Shipping cost

The amount paid includes transport costs which vary according to carrier, weight, size and destination. The carrier is determined automatically depending on the destination, choosing the most reliable and convenient.


All amounts shown on the site and paid include VAT. For non-EU sales there may be the application of import duties.

Countries outside the European Union (Extra-EU)

Solvy.Store it mainly sells in the territory of the European Union, among whose countries there is a free trade treaty that does not provide for any duties (except in the cases of some countries for alcoholic beverages, but these are negligible amounts compared to the total value). Normally the non-EU countries from which it may be possible to order the goods have privileged conditions that provide for reductions or exemptions of the duty up to a certain amount, but we recommend that you inquire. If the customs of a non-EU country were to apply a duty, the goods will remain stationary until it is paid to the carrier. We also remind you that some goods are not salable in some non-EU countries. In this case they could be permanently blocked at the border. We recommend that you inquire in advance about any restrictions or duties.

Any changes in prices and availability

For some products, especially those in the Outlet and Refurbished area (returned products that are put back on the market as new at a lower price), availability is limited so we recommend making the purchase as soon as possible so as not to miss the opportunity. 

Prices and availability also vary several times throughout the day. We recommend that you come back often to discover the flash offers. If you place an order and in the meantime the product is no longer available, there will be a cancellation and the amount paid will be refunded.

If the order includes more items but fewer items are available (for example you order four chairs but only two are available) the order will be temporarily suspended and we will ask you if you wish to receive the available goods and get a refund for the difference, or if you wish to receive a refund of the full amount.

It is very rare, but it is possible that an order consisting of multiple items will be split into multiple shipments - in which case there will be no additional cost to the customer.


Large quantity orders

What is the maximum number of units of the same product that can be purchased on the site?

For each product it is not possible to purchase more than 10 units per order. Clearly it is possible to buy several products in one order (so for example ten units of one product, five of another, etc.)

The benefit of an order that includes multiple products is to receive the goods in a single shipment, minimizing transport costs.

Can I order large quantities?

Of course it is possible, but for this it is necessary to contact us via the contact form on the site or email, possibly indicating the desired product or products. We will check stock availability as soon as possible.

Are there quantity discounts?

For extraordinary orders, exceeding ten units, then made after contacting us to check availability in stock, we provide quantity discounts proportional to the goods purchased. It is not possible to predict the type of discount applicable in advance as it varies according to the product and quantity.

How do you proceed?

Once we have ascertained the availability of the desired units in number greater than ten and defined the quantity discount, we can proceed directly to the sale and we will provide a page from which it will be possible to pay the amount in a convenient and safe way. 

Other questions?

Additional discounts for large quantity orders

If you order large quantities (e.g. over 50 items), we can make further reductions on prices, which are already below the market average. Contact us for more information.

Doubts? Complaints? Tips? 

Our multilingual Customer Service is at your disposal 7 days a week via the Live Chat at the bottom right or, if temporarily not active, you can contact us via the contact form or, in case of problems with the same, write to us at the email address info @ solvystore.com (without spaces). For greater speed and efficiency we do not recommend contacting us through social network channels.

If it is an order, always indicate all the data (possibly forward the emails received).