Ozone generator

A portable and rechargeable ozone generator that disinfects and cleans the air, keeping the environment free from germs and odors. This air ozonator is particularly effective in closed and confined spaces, such as rooms, closets, closets, shoe racks, pantries, bathrooms, cars, refrigerators, etc.

Ozone generators, also called ozonizers, are used for the deodorization and disinfection of environments and thanks to their operation they eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses, bad odors, molds and smoke.

They are widely used for the disinfection of hospitals, ambulances, hotel rooms, restaurants and cars, ozone has become an indispensable ally but it must be used with caution. In fact, you have to follow the user manual well as there are some precautions you need to keep in mind.

The gas does not damage fabrics, furniture or walls and leaves no residue and is also not irritating to the skin. However, you must not stop in the area subjected to ozonation and you must remove plants or animals before starting the ozonator because it will create a complete absence of oxygen.


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